DoE seeks details of temporary teachers

Bhaktapur, November 18

The Department of Education has given a 15-day ultimatum to its regional and district offices to furnish details of temporary teachers.

Issuing a circular on November 16 to all five regional education directorates and 75 district education offices, the department has asked the offices to provide details of temporary teachers in their respective regions and districts within 15 days.

Ana Prasad Neupane, spokesperson, DoE, said some of the districts had yet to submit details of temporary teachers. They have been asked to furnish the details by November 30.

Earlier in mid-September, the DoE had asked the offices to furnish details of temporary and whether they wanted to participate in the written test for permanent status or opt for golden handshake.

As per the eighth amendment to the Education Act, temporary teachers can participate in internal competition for permanent status or opt for golden handshake. For those opting for golden handshake, the severance package will be based on the number of years served as a temporary teacher.

Earlier, the DoE had developed a macro-form with spaces to enter various details. Previously, the DoE had asked them to submit the details by Mid-October. The DoE has also asked the regional education directorates and district education offices to furnish details of teachers’ posts that have fallen vacant since September 19, 2015.

According to the Ministry of Education, a more comprehensive record of temporary teachers of government schools would help them plan the budget for severance packages to be offered to teachers retiring voluntarily.

Under the golden handshake scheme, those who have been teaching in government schools on a temporary basis for five to 10 years will be granted money equivalent to a half-month’s salary per year, while teachers who have been teaching for 10 to 15 years will be entitled to one month’s salary per year.

Likewise, temporary teachers with more than 15 years of work experience will be provided with one-and-a-half month’s salary per year.