Dozens of irrelevant Acts may be scrapped soon

Kathmandu, November 15:

The Nepal Law Commission (NLC) has been working on scrapping over two dozens of non-functional Acts .

The commission, a statutory body that makes recommendations to the cabinet and ministries concerned to promulgate or amend Acts, has found that a number of Acts have no relevance. It said it began work on scrapping such Acts, following wide consultations with various authorities.

According to a list prepared by the commission, Nepal’s Commercial Ship Flag Related Act 1970, Nepali Ship (Certificate and Activities Monitoring) Act 1970, Ship Registration Act 1970, Nepali Language Publication Organisation Act 1965, Water Tax Act 1967, Regional Development Projects (Execution) Act 1956, Veertawala’s Right of Investment and Lease Act 1958 and Inland Post Belongings (Insurance) Act 1963 do not have any relevance now.

“We found that several Acts have no relevance at all. We don’t see any reason for their existence,” chairman of the commission Baburaja Joshi said, adding that the commission will recommend the government to annul them.

Joshi said the government promulgated these Acts years ago thinking that operation of ships could be possible in Nepal’s river system. He said rulers then might have thought it possible to begin shipping services in Nepal too, after they saw large boats used in ferrying goods and people in other countries during their visits abroad.

“In reality, we do not need them at all, as we are land-locked and there is no possibility of sea transportation in Nepal,” Joshi added. Some of these Acts were promulgated during the regime of the late kings Mahendra and Birendra.

The commission said Government Tender Management Act 1963, Royal Family Expenditure Act 1974, Royal Service Act 1973, State Court Abolition Act 1960, Raptidun Development Area Land (Selling) Act 1967, National Assembly Member Election Act 1991, Foreign Investment Tax Act 1962, Prohibition of Investment in Abroad Act 1962, Explosive Means Act 1961, Infected Disease Act 1963, Partnership Act 1963, Timely Tax Collection Act 1955, Public Procurement Act 2007 and Hotel Management and Alcohol Selling (Control) Act 1966 also don’t have any relevance at present.

The NLC is also working to amend a number of Acts and merging few with other relevant Acts. The commission feels that there is a need of amendment to Income Ticket Fee Act 1962, Veerta Abolition Act 1959, Land Revenue Act 1977, National Directives Act 1961, Social Behaviour (Reform) Act 1976, Public Highway Act 1974 and Post Service Act 1962.

“The Social Behaviour (Reform) Act, which did not come into real enforcement, is an important Act. But it can be merged with other relevant Act and implemented,” Joshi said.