KATHMANDU: Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar today said that game plan had been started behind the curtain to topple the CPN-UML-led coalition.

The DPM, however, warned that such efforts would be unfortunate to the nation.

Speaking at an interaction at the Reporter’s Club, DPM Gachhadar said, “I knew that UCPN-Maoist has offered the post of the Prime Minister to Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala on Monday. But it’s just their strategy of the Maoist to attain their goals.”

He also claimed that majority of the NC office bearers were against the changing of the incumbent government.

“Some NC leaders have desires to gain the power but the NC central committee and parliamentary party are against it.

“I’m in touch with the NC leaders and they are repeating their commitment to the present government,” he claimed.

He suggested the

NC to be more cautious and aware about the Maoists’ trap.

DPM Gachhadar blamed that the three major political parties were engaging in the dirty game of toppling and forming the government rather than concentrating on the genuine issues of the country —writing the new constitution and establishing lasting peace.

He informed that he would soon talk with Nepali Congress president Koirala about the latest and,

what he claimed as unfortunate and irrelevant, political development.

“The history shows that the so called big parties have failed at the important juncture of the country’s politics,” he charged.

He also expressed concerns about the trust deficit and conflict among the political parties that has been plaguing the country since long now.

“There has been hardly any progress at constitution drafting and peace process. But unfortunately, the big parties are not paying due attention at these crucial issues.”