DPM Singh calls on all to provide suggestions


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Prakash Man Singh on Saturday urged all to give maximum suggestions on the draft constitution.

At a programme organised by Kathmandu-32 Ward Unit in the run up to Nepali Congress’s 13th General Convention, DPM Singh, who is also the general secretary of the NC, stressed the need for identifying the points that are missing in the draft constitution and amending it as per the suggestions put forward by the citizens so as to make the new constitution in the interest of Nepal and Nepali people.

Describing the current constitution-writing process as one of the most important aspects, Singh underscored the significance of movements in multiple stages in the past, including the 2005/2006 movement, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the latest 16-point deal among the political parties. “This should be viewed as an important opportunity as suggestions with visionary thoughts could help make the constitution lasting,” Singh said.

“The proposed draft of the constitution is an instrument of agreement among the political parties with different ideologies, so it does not encompass 100 per cent sentiments of all the parties,” Singh said. He added that parties were making efforts to include their issues at the highest level in the new constitution. “The Nepali Congress is making efforts to include majority of the issues it mentioned in its manifesto during the Constituent Assembly election,” he said.

Constituent Assembly member Mohan Kumar Rai said the new constitution would be a constitution of the people and added that the constitution writing has reached the final stage as per the commitment made by the Nepali Congress during the CA election.

Nepali Congress General Convention representative Narendra Kumar Gurung expressed confidence that the party’s General Convention would elect proactive leadership to instill more vigour in the party organisation.