Dr Benju Sharma denies daughter-in-law’s claims

Kathmandu, April 25:

Dr Benju Sharma, president of the Nepal Television, today denied charges made against her and her family by her daughter-in-law Jashmine Sharma at a press meet on March 29.

In a statement, she questioned the validity of a medical report on physical assault on Jashmine by her son Juhar, daughter Junu and herself. “The doctors should have asked before preparing the report whether injuries were the result of physical assault. This has violated the rights of men, and there is a high probability of men being victims of women’s allegations.”

Dr Sharma denied that her family had demanded dowry from the bride’s family. “There is no tradition in Kathmandu to demand dowry from the bride’s family, hence the accusation regarding dowry is false,” she said.

“The press meet was designed to tarnish my image as a woman who has been fighting for women’s rights.”