Dr KC slams govt over new laws

KATHMANDU: Dr Govinda KC, senior orthopaedic surgeon and professor at the Tribhuvan University on Thursday has drawn government's attention towards the recently enforced Civil Code and Criminal Code Act.

Issuing a press statement today, Dr KC said, "The new laws would not enhance capabilities of health professionals but drag them to legal hassles including jail sentences if a patient dies during the treatment."

In this backdrop, health professionals would be reluctant to take risks in course of a patient's treatment and the rate of referrals would unexpectedly spike from all quarters of the nation.

"The law has incorporated provisions wherein a health professional can be arrested directly without a probe by a authority or standards to validate or reject the allegations of ill intentions or recklessness filed by patients or their kin," read the statement.

Such provisions have demotivated, discouraged and terrorised health professionals and patients will have to suffer the consequences out of it.

Likewise, stakeholders have been slamming the government for enforcing a law that goes against the notions of free press, Dr KC said.

"Moreover, our attention has been drawn towards the attempt to introduce a new bill on privacy that restricts freedom of speech and expression and is against the rights guaranteed and envisioned by the constitution," as stated in the statement.

The government seems to be diverting from good governance and transparency by restricting press freedom to hide corruption, crime and murder in the country, the doctor said.

According to Dr KC, such an act shows that the government is attempting to disregard democratic principles to establish an autocratic regime.

Meanwhile, Dr KC has urged the government to implement Karki's report and dismiss corrupt officials from Tribhuvan University, appoint IOM dean on the basis of seniority and pass the Medical Education Bill as per the agreement forged between him and the government.