Drinking water supply scheme inaugurated

Lalitpur, October 14

Minister of State for Finance Udaya Shamser Rana inaugurated Dhobikhola Tin Dharo Muhan Water Supply Scheme, constructed in ward No 2 of Godavari Municipality, amidst a function yesterday.

Two hundred and sixty four people of 62 households residing in Dhobikhola and Kanikthok of Godavari-2 will benefit from the scheme. Oxfam and its partner organisation, Centre for Integrated Urban Development, provided financial and technical support of Rs 1,011,231 while the local community contributed labour worth Rs 2,60,000 for construction of the scheme.

Addressing the function, Rana said the water supply scheme was a good example of excellent work completed at a minimum cost. He said there should not be any compromise on the development of infrastructure related to road and drinking water.

The source of the water was damaged by the 2015 earthquake and the locals were facing a hard time.

The completion of water supply scheme has solved the problem of drinking water in the village, said Purusottam Bista, chairperson the Water Users’ Committee.

The Water Users’ Committee informed that a concrete reservoir tank with capacity of 12,000 litters of water has been constructed while other two tanks with capacity of 10,000 litters and 5,000 litters have been installed to supply water to the locals.

Mayor of Godavari Municipality Gajendra Maharjan and deputy mayor Muna Adhikari were also present in the inaugural function.