Driving licence tests ‘faulty’

Lalitpur, March 18:

Terming the tests taken prior to issuing driving licences faulty and impractical, DSP at the Valley Traffic Police Office (VTPO) Gyan Bikram Shah said today the procedures should be amended. “Tests that are taken before issuing licences are faulty and impractical. While many experienced drivers have failed in these tests, there is no dearth of people who have passed the tests but cannot drive the vehicles,” DSP Shah said at an interaction held by the Driving Schools’ Association.

Efforts are on to make the examination system more practical, he said. “Fresh efforts should be made to prevent cheating,” he said, adding that a bigger space is needed to conduct driving tests.

Meanwhile, Miss Nepal Sugarika KC said she had not received a driving licence yet. KC had been presented with a scooter along with the Miss Nepal crown. “With the objective of addressing the problems of transport sector, the government will effect a Transportation Policy, which will be relevant for the next 20 to 30 years, very soon,” State Minister for Labour and Transport Management Rabindra Khanal said. “Efforts are on to construct a special site, where driving tests can be conducted with ease, at Sundarighat,” he said.

Khanal said he would help driving institutes import vehicles for teaching purposes by giving tax concessions. Under-secretary at the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) Krishna Duwadi also stressed the need of timely changes in transportation act. “Flaws in the transportation act, vehicle registration and routes have been brought to light,” he said, adding that practical issues have been overlooked.