Drop restrictive policy on NGOs, says CIVICUS

Kathmandu, June 22

Global civil society alliance, CIVICUS, has issued a press release saying a Nepal government’s proposed National Integrity Policy will further curtail the work of I/NGOs operating in the country.

CIVICUS, has expressed its grave concern about the proposed policy that it said would require local I/NGOs to obtain permission from the government to receive donations.

“In terms of the measure, international non-governmental organisations would no longer be allowed to engage in projects that influence the drafting of laws and policies in Nepal,” CIVICUS said in its release,

“It also stipulates that non-governmental organisations must obtain government approval before sending reports to their headquarters in their home countries and have their budgets and programmes approved by the finance ministry.

Civic Space Research Officer  of CIVICUS Josef Benedict said, “The Nepali government must immediately drop this restrictive policy that would impose onerous reporting requirements for civil society, restrict freedom of expression and which will stifle the vital work of civil society in Nepal.”

The state has a duty to respect, protect and facilitate the exercise of the right to freedom of association, CIVICUS said.

“Non-governmental organisations should also be free in the determination of the objectives and activities of their associations, within the limits provided for by laws that comply with international standards,” it said.