Education bill draws flak

Call to punish fake certificate holders

Kathmandu, September 25 :

Schoolteachers and educationists today flayed the new bill to amend the Nepal Act on education and sports, which is under discussion in the House of Representatives.

According to the Nepal Act Bill to Amend Some Issues on Education and Sports, 2063, the temporary teachers, working since 2004, will get one more chance to apply for permanent posts once the teachers’ service commission announces applications for permanent posts.

Temporary teachers will be eligible to fight for 50 per cent of the total vacant posts.

Dinanath Pokhrel, vice-president of the Temporary Teachers’ Struggle Committee, said the teachers should not be made the victims of the government’s mistake. “There should be separate seats for the temporary teachers to fight for permanency,” said Pokhrel at an interaction organised by the Education Journalists’ Group, demanding that temporary teachers be made permanent through class observations.

The bill does not address the concerns of those affected due to the delay in the publication of results, said Pokhrel.

The Teachers’ Service Commission published the result of temporary teachers after eight years.

Baburam Adhikary, general secretary of the Nepal National Teachers’ Association, said the government should make necessary adjustments in teachers’ quota to solve the temporary teachers’ problem.

“The government should take action against fake certificate holders after launching an investigation,” said Adhikary.

Mohan Gyanwali, president of the Nepal Teachers’ Association, urged the government to come up with a golden handshake policy to retire those teachers who have served over 20 years.

The bill has been registered in the House to do justice to the displaced temporary teachers, said Nara Bahadur Hamal, a Member of Parliament.

“The temporary teachers would not be made victims,” he said, adding, “Their issues would be discussed in the House.