Education for gender equality

Men and women are like the two wheels of a carriage. A carriage can’t move forward if one of them is weak. In the same way, a couple’s life can’t march forward if one of the couple is weak. Everyone knows equality of men and women is important. However, there is still no equality between them in our society. Women are treated as inferior to men.

Today more than 80 per cent of women are housewives in South Asia because most of them are illiterate. Although women do more hard work at home, their work isn’t evaluated. Men think, the only thing a woman does is sit at home, eat and gossip. They think that the actual workers are just the men.

According to traditional thought, women need no education. But parents of men search for an educated bride for their son. It’s a serious insult on women.

I think a man is a tree while woman is its leaf. Thus, there is no worth and value of a man’s life without a woman. So, something must be done for the equality of men and women. The only one way to bring about equality between them is to educate women.

An educated woman will be well respected in society. She will be independent and can fight against the misdoings of her husband. Only then will discrimination of women in society be eliminated.