EC may finalise allocation of provincial PR seats today

Kathmandu, December 20

The Election Commission said it would finalise allocation of provincial seats under the proportional representation election by tomorrow evening.

The poll panel said that it would give PR report of the provincial level election to the parties first and then work on the data of parliamentary PR election. “We are trying our best to finalise allocation of PR provincial seats at the earliest,” said EC Commissioner Narendra Dahal. He said the EC would submit its report on PR provincial election to the parties on Friday.

According to Dahal, political parties have to submit names of winning PR provincial candidates within given deadline. The parties need to select names of winning candidates from the list they submitted to the EC prior to the elections. Commissioner Dahal also claimed at the poll panel was doing its best to finalise allocation of PR seats in the Parliament.

He said the EC would publish names of winning PR candidates of both provincial and parliamentary elections at once in the Nepal Gazette and submit the report to the president. As per the law, the EC has to submit its report to the president within one week after parties submit final names of winning candidates.