Election for new PM on June 4

KATHMANDU: The election of a new Prime Minister is set to hold at 11.00 am at the Legislature-Parliament on June 4.

Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar set fresh election date following meeting with the leaders of political parties and subsequent discussion with the Parliament Business Advisory Committee on Friday.

With the expiry of timeline given by the President for forming consensual government without anything in concrete following the resignation of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on last May 24, the process has moved ahead to elect a new premier through majority.

According to the work schedule unveiled by Secretary General of Legislature-Parliament Manohar Prasad Bhattarai at the directive of Speaker Gharti, a notice for registration of candidacy would be issued at 11.00 am on June 3 and a list of candidates for PM would be published at 4.30 pm the same day.

The Speaker has set the date for election of new PM in line with the Rule 49(2) of the Legislature-Parliament Regulations, shared the Parliament Secretariat.

Informing that she had published the notice in keeping with the tradition and practice after holding consultations with political parties' leaders, Speaker Gharti expressed her confidence that all political parties would participate and cooperate to the process to elect the new PM.

Noting that the main opposition party has also been accepting the practice and process, she hoped that the political parties would narrow down their differences and come to a point.

UML Chief Whip Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal urged the Legislature-Parliament to advance the process to pick the new Prime Minister when there is parliamentary business.

Likewise, Nepali Congress leader and Minster Ramesh Lekhak stressed the need to initiate a new process to pick the Prime Minister as per the political need, process and practice when there was already the resignation of PM in the context the first phase of local elections took place and date for the second phase was set.

CPN Maoist Centre leader and Deputy Prime Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara said the opposition can obstruct the House proceedings but not put on hold the process to elect the new PM.