Elections within stipulated date: Pandey

Bhaktapur, September 19

Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Hitraj Pandey has reaffirmed that the constitution-mandated elections will be held within the stipulated time and nobody and nothing can stop it from taking place.

Speaking at an interaction organised by Rafat Sanchar Club here today, Minister Pandey said the Election Commission was making preparations for the same. Calling for unity and cooperation among political parties for holding elections on time, Pandey argued that if the elections were not held on time, it would lead to constitutional crisis.

He was of the opinion that difficulties and differences regarding the enforcement of the new constitution could be addressed through political means.

Stating that the new national charter was a dynamic document and it could be amended to incorporate the voices of the Nepali public, he assured that the incumbent government was making efforts to address the genuine demands of the Madhesi people.

Touching on Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s recent four-day state visit to India, Minister Pandey

expressed confidence that the visit would help sort out the misunderstandings seen of late between two close neighbours.