End your sermons, jokes and tears PM, do what you ought to do: NC leader Thapa

KATHMANDU: Leader of Nepali Congress party Gagan Kumar Thapa registered his advise to the Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli at a meeting of the House of Representatives this afternoon.

Thapa shared his suspicion that the Prime Minister maybe blatantly hinting that the newly introduced federal system is a dud.

"Communist leader from Jhapa, Khadga Prasad Oli may enjoy the amenity to express doubts over the success of federal structure. But does the Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, have the same liberty? I think not," said the leader of the main opposition party.

The Prime Minister must understand that should Federalism fail, it will be his failure, added the MP.

He further stated that the Prime Minister should prioritise and let his actions speak rather than his words,

"Through you, Honorable Speaker, I urge the Prime Minister to stop roaming from province to province in order to deliver sermons and also to get done with his jokes and tears through interviews; and rather focus on finishing the job that you actually ought to do," stressed Thapa.

The former Minister was quick to add that Commission related to Distribution of Natural Means and Resources should be formed soon as per the Constitution.

Thapa also took a dig at the 'miscalculated' tax collection provisions that could attract more harm than benefit the system.