Engineering students’ design comes to fruition

Kathmandu, March 27:

A wind turbine made by six engineering students of Kathmandu Engineering College (KEC) has succeeded in generating up to 800 W of energy.

After successfully testing the technology in Phakhel, the turbine has been installed on the roof of the Kalimati-based college for the past 18 days.

“It generates about 500 W of electricity. But we have recorded as much as 800 W. We have put in hard work and time for this project and the outcome has been great,” said Amrit Singh Thapa, leader of the team.

The turbine was built at a cost of Rs 3 lakhs, which was supported by the college and parents. “Except for the magnet, which is not available in Nepal, we have used

all locally available materials. It is our initiative to prove that an effective solution to energy problems can be initiated in the country,” added Thapa.

Power generated by wind does not cause pollution, reduces carbon emission and provides clean and green energy.

Wind power can compete with conventional sources of energy and can create a strong business case for private and public sectors looking to invest in energy.

“We wanted to make a point and prove to the government that generating energy from wind is feasible. It will prove to be a feasible solution because it is cost effective, easy and has low maintenance cost,” Thapa said.

The students are planning to implement this technology at different parts of the country. “We will install our next model at Phakhel. It will have changes in design and structure,” Thapa added.