English calendar lures Maoists

KATHMANDU: The Maoists' sister organisation - Newa National Liberation Front (NNLF) - which had hitherto been a die-hard campaigner for Nepal Sambat has taken everyone by surprise by pressing the government to use the English calendar in the nation for daily use.

The NNLF, which was beating the streets for long and drumming up support for establishing the Nepal Sambat, in its central secretariat meeting held on October 8 demanded that the government bring into use the English calendar for daily usage throughout the nation.

The Front argued that the universally used English calendar must be given the pre-eminence in the country as it was better than the Bikram Sambat.

"We have decided to go for the English calendar for we cannot ignore the global phenomenon, and we need to change ourselves with the changing time," said former minister Hisila Yami, the vice-chairperson of the front. She was addressing a press conference organised to make the decision public.

Yami argued that the English calendar was more scientific and modern of all calendars.

General Secretary Pawan Man Shrestha also demanded that the existing Bikram Sambat be scrapped as it was “unscientific” and the concept was allegedly borrowed from India.

"Even India has not used this calendar because they found it unscientific," he added.

He also said that the lunar calendar was very much scientific and was introduced by a Nepali citizen and could be used as a national calendar.

Meanwhile, Shrestha said the meeting also decided to unify the Newar's fronts NNLF and Newa Mukti Manka Daboo - the sister organisation of CPN Unity Centre-Masal.

Shrestha further said that the NNLF would submit a memorandum to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Wednesday.