Enough is Enough campaigner Iih hospitalised following health issues

KATHMANDU: Social activist and initiator of ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign, Iih, 26, who has been on fast-unto-feath satyagraha at Basantapur for 17 days, has been admitted to a hospital.

Iih was taken to HAMS Hospital today after his health started deteriorating owing to over two-week-long strike. However, he is not ending his satyagraha despite the state of his heath, his associates informed.

Iih is on strike at demanding that the government honour a previously struck deal with the Satyagrahis in a bid to effectively respond to the coronavirus pandemic in Nepal.

Earlier, on July 7, Iih and Pukar Bam had ended their hunger strike after the Ministry of Health and Population agreed to fulfil their major demands.

However, they started the second hunger strike as it was seen that the agreement was not properly implemented.

On the other hand, major political parties including Nepali Congress have shown solidarity to his cause.