Kathmandu, April 6 The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division is acutely running short of anti-rabies vaccines due to the government’s failure to procure the vaccines on time. There is a demand for 1,000 viles of anti-rabies vaccine per day in the country. However, the EDCD  has only 5,000 vials of anti-rabies vaccines in stock. “The stock we have is only sufficient for five to six days. This is why we are cutting down distribution and providing the vaccines to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, as maximum number of patients visit the hospital for the vaccine,” said Dr Kedar Century, director at EDCD. The hospital has been providing anti-rabies vaccine to around 2,500 patients per week. The problem arose after the earlier tender for the procurement of anti-rabies vaccines was cancelled. Later, another tender was announced. Dr Century said it would take another 45 to 60 days for EDCD to resume normal distribution of anti-rabies vaccine. As per the division there is a demand for 25,000 vials of anti-rabies vaccine per month in the country. “We have decided to buy 46,000 vials of vaccine through emergency procurement. We have sent the details and have requested the Ministry of Health to immediately purchase the vaccines to meet the needs of patients. However, the ministry has taken no decision so far,” added Dr Century. Anti-rabies vaccine is administered to patients free of cost at STIDH.