Errant pvt schools face govt action

KATHMANDU : District Education Offices (DEO) in Bhaktapur and Lalitpur issued warnings to private schools that failed to submit their fee structure to the government.

The extended deadline for the schools to submit their fees expired nine days back. Many private schools have hiked fees without the consent of the DEO.

According to the law, the actions against the defying schools are seeking clarification, charging upto Rs 2,000, publishing their names and cancelling their registration.

Thirty to 60 per cent of the private schools in Kathmandu valley are yet to submit their fee structure to Ministry of Education (MoE) after a month of the commencement of the new academic session.

“They have frequently flouted the rule of getting the fees for the session approved by the MOE,” said Suprabhat Bhandary, president, Guardians’ Association Nepal (GAN).

“Bhaktapur DEO issued the warning yesterday while Lalitpur DEO did it today,” said Bhandary. “We have completed monitoring schools in the three districts and issued notices to those in Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.” Thirty per cent out of 193 private schools in Bhaktapur and 168 out of 274 schools in Lalitpur are yet to submit their fee proposal to the DEOs.

Lakshya Bahadur KC, senior vice-president, Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal, however, claimed that 95 per cent of the schools had submitted the reports. “We directed them to follow the law. Some could have neglected it,” he said, feigning ignorance on the issuance of warning letters.GAN is said to be monitoring the fees in the eastern and western regions soon. Mahashram Sharma, Director General, DEO, said the process to take action against the schools had begun.