Ethnic party cries ‘govt foul play’, threatens armed revolt in the east

Kathmandu, November 23:

Federal Democratic National Forum (FDNF), an emerging ethnic party, today warned of dire consequences if the government failed to implement in two weeks the five-point pact it made with the Forum.

“We will capture the eastern part of the Koshi region and start an armed rebellion if the government does not pay heed to our demands evidently expressed in our peaceful struggle,” said FDNF president DK Buddhist Tamang.

Talking to mediapersons at Reporters’ Club in the capital today, Tamang said the government was trying to manipulate their demands, and added the Forum was not for carving out federations along ethnic lines but for upholding the rights of the people in the region in the process. “The government is trying to discredit our genuine demands,” he alleged.

“We have prepared volunteers and plan to expand their network nationwide in order to achieve our goal,” claimed Khagendra Makhim, general secretary of FDNF.

He informed that FDNF was training volunteers for an armed struggle for a possible fight with a regressive regime. “We don’t see the present government adopting any different policy, other that carrying on with the legacies of the past regimes,” Makhim said.

The Forum also insisted that the government undertake army integration as per the comprehensive peace agreement, that every national be provided military training and that a fund be raised saving expenditure by slashing the number of soldiers.

FDNF demanded that the government revoke all its decisions that contradict with a federal autonomous order, including Arun III and Koshi High Dam. It demanded that the military bases installed at Hatuwa Gadhi (fort) in Ghodetar of Bhojpur, Talju Gadhi of Doramba in Ramechhap and Pantharthum Silouti of Limbuwan be removed immediately.

FDNF comprises Tamsaling Autonomous State Council, Tharuhat Autonomous State Council (TASC), Khambuwan Autonomous State Council (KASC) and Federal Limbuwan State Council (FLSC), among others.