Eviction of street vendors begins

KATHMANDU: Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) jointly started removing street vendors. They have also

started hauling vehicles parked across the footpath.

“Street vendors and vehicles on footpath are the main culprits behind recurring accidents on the road, thus we started this from February 1,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police Binod Singh.

He said that the vendors

make the pedestrian areas or pavements congested leading

to frequent mishaps. Singh added, “We’ll not spare even

cycles on the footpath.”

A source at the KMC said

they are picking up 50 to 60 vendors along with their bits

and pieces from the footpath on a daily basis.

“They were not only occupying the footpaths illegally but also making the pedestrian areas congested fuelling vehicular accidents,” he said, adding, “Road is not for the pedestrians but for the vehicular movement. We are not supposed to disturb the traffic flow on the roads. So we have restarted the task again. This time we are slapping a huge penalty on offenders”. But on the other hand, footpath vendors have different stories to tell about the police.

They lament that the government’s latest move worsens their situation by snatching their breads. Street vendors Janak Sunuwar and Tara Maharjan were making quick bucks out of their cigarettes, though they claimed that they freely provided to the patrolling police. Just as they had started with momo across the footpath of Putalisadak, they were chased away.

Maharjan said, “Traffic cops have always puffed cigarettes freely from us and KMC staffers frequently stop here for free

momos.” “We will not keep

quiet. We will protest together,” he added.

A large number of street vendors have urged the authorities to find some alternative options for them.