EVs resume service after day’s strike

Kathmandu, July 31:

Drivers of electric vehicles resumed service on the Anamnagar route this afternoon. They had brought the service to a halt since yesterday, demanding 25 per cent waiver on money to be paid to tempo owners on Saturdays and other public holidays and a written commitment to this effect from the Electric Vehicles’ Association of Nepal.

According to Ram Bahadur Chaudhary, president of the Anamnagar- Sankhamul route unit

of the Nepal Independent Transport Workers’ Organisation, they had been

getting 20 per cent waiver on payments to be made on Saturdays and public holidays.

“We had halted our service on the Anamnagar route demanding a 5 per cent increase on the discount being provided during Saturdays and public holidays,” he said.

Drivers have been providing Rs 2450 to owners of tempos every day for 10 trips. Chaudhary said 83 safa tempos ply the Anamnagar route, which includes Nepal Airlines Corporation-Sankhamul loop and NAC-Old Baneswor loop.

Talks held between two parties at the EVAN office Anamnagar ended abruptly after the EVAN demanded the drivers to resume service first.