Ex-Gurkhas threaten to hinder Gurkha recruitment process

Kathmandu, January 3

Ex-British Gurkhas Satyagraha Joint Struggle Committee today threatened to obstruct Gurkha recruitment possess scheduled for next week in Pokhara to exert pressure on the Government of Nepal and the Government of the United Kingdom to address its long-standing demands.

A press release issued by Krishna Bahadur Rai, chief coordinator of the committee warned that they were also going to launch serious of pressure campaigns in Nepal and the UK, simultaneously. “Issues raised by ex-Gurkhas are not just related to the retired servicemen, but to Nepal and all Nepalis. They are also related with dignity of the nation. We will continue our protest until both the governments form a high-level talks team and hold dialogue to address the demands of ex-Gurkha servicemen,” he said.

It has served an ultimatum until 15 February 2020 to the Government of Nepal and the Government of the UK to form a high-level talks team. The committee said a prompt dialogue between the two governments on the Report of Technical Committee that comprised the ambassador of Nepal to UK, minister of defence (UK) and representatives of British Gurkha ex-servicemen’s associations, has to be started without further delay. The dialogue should be held in line with the report of the International Relation Committee of the Federal parliament of Nepal as guiding instrument, said the press release.

According to the committee, imposition of Indian Pay Code on British Gurkhas after 1948, which came in the name of Tripartite Agreement-1947, but with mutual understanding between India and Britain, was unfair and against the national sovereignty and independence of Nepal.

It also warned that the movement of equality and dignity spearheaded by Gurkha veterans against the British government would be advanced at national as well as international level in the form of patriotic movement and a campaign dedicated to human rights and dignity of Nepali people. The ex-Gurkhas have demanded an end to discrimination and injustice imposed on Gurkha veterans and on their families and pay compensation to the families of thousands of soldiers who had lost their lives in wars.