Ex-King's message

KATHMANDU: Stating that Nepal's "historical perspective should not be lost sight of", former King Gyanendra has said the country needs to pursue a philosophy that believes in the supremacy of the nationalism and national interest, a transparent governance and a polity that inspires the people.

In a statement issued on the eve of the 60th democracy day -- Falgun 7, which this year falls on February 19 -- the former king offers homage to "the Father of the Nation", late King Tribhuvan and all the martyrs who sacrificed their life for democracy."Let public consensus prevail, and in that process let law and order, good governance and political stability be felt by the people," the ex-king's statement reads. "Democracy's idealism lies in people assuming a pro-active role and a fully safeguarded and enforced national pride, independence and values all together. I earnestly appeal Nepal's historical perspective should not be lost sight of."

"Let the brightness and warmth of democracy reach every village, hamlet, bastis and in fact every home. Let all Nepalis be at peace, and blessed with unity and cordial relations."