Experts stress need to instal modern safety equipment in museums

Kathmandu, May 25

As most of the museums damaged in the 2015 earthquakes are being reconstructed, curators and museum experts have stressed the need to instal modern safety equipment.

Reconstruction of four museums, which are operated by the Department of Archaeology, is under way at present. But, authorities concerned have not bothered to instal equipment to improve safety and security of the museums and artifacts or valuables  kept inside them.

The National Museum at Chauni, along with three museums located in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur house hundreds of highly valued artefacts and other objects of archaeological importance. But, none of these museums are completely open to visitors due to security reasons and poor management.

According to Chairman of International Council of Museums, Nepal, Bijay Kumar Shahi, museums in Nepal must be upgraded and digitalised to attract more visitors. “We have not been able to show the world what we have. What can we expect from our museums that have not even updated basic information on their websites? he asked.

“Although we have realised the importance of updating our museums, we have not even received sufficient budget for reconstruction, let alone upgradation of the museums,” said Chief of the National Museum at Chauni Jay Ram Shrestha.