Experts worry about country’s future

Kathmandu, September 20:

Academicians said today that law and order should be maintained and society transformed to ensure lasting peace.

Addressing a seminar on “Building sustainable peace in a situation of ongoing conflict in Nepal”, political scientist Dev Raj Dahal said, “With a shaky law and order situation, Nepal can turn into a failed state.” He also said armed groups were continuing to pose threats because the state has been unable to restore peace.

Dahal said the interim constitution was not clear on some issues, including federalism.

Presenting a paper on “Conflict transformation and democratic consolidation: A Nepali

post-conflict?” Dr Saubhagya Shah said the country was

heading into a multi-polar conflict scenario with the weakening state unable to handle different groups.

Journalist Dr Ram Krishna Regmi presented the paper on “Media: The fast track to change, peace”. Referring to the conflict in the Tarai and ethnic groups’ demand for federal states, Regmi said, “Another multi-dimensional conflict will grip the country if the demand is not met and efforts are not made to put an end to violence.”

Constitutional expert Kashi Raj Dahal stressed the need to work out peaceful solutions to the country’s problems.

Peace and Reconstruction secretary Madhav Ghimire

said only economic and social transformation can bring about lasting peace.