Fire dance with a mission

Kathmandu, January 12:

Two meditators of Manokranti Matrix today proved that if one has control over one’s mind, one can even prevent self from getting hurt by fire. They performed dance in fire without getting hurt.

The students of MM — Yogini Aam alias Sajani Sakhakarmi, 20, of Bhaktapur and Yogini Am alias Devi Pun, 27, from Pokhara, danced on a firebed in front of than thousand spectators in Ratnapark for more than three minutes.

One of them even clutched fire balls in her hands and gulped them in front of astonished spectators. Rakesh Thapa, a spectator, said he was shocked to the core when he saw them dancing.

“I could not believe what I was seeing!”

After the dance, Pun said, “It was not painful; I felt nothing. I enjoyed it very much.” They jumped into the fire after 30 minutes of meditation, he added.

Yogi Bikashanda, patron of MM, said this was not a magic and can be carried out by anyone after undergoing a few months of training. “When people enter into subconscious state they are unaware of external realities, anything told to them becomes real. The meditation before the dance makes them believe that fire will not hurt them.” He added that the intention of the ‘fire dance’ is not to entertain people, but to make people realise that nothing is impossible in the world.

He added that they are on a mission to change the world and make youth realise that they can make impossible possible.