FNJ flays arrest of journalists

Kathmandu, January 26:

The Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has condemned the arrest and manhandling of journalists.

“We condemn the force used to prohibit freedom of expression and urge the concerned sector to release all journalists, provide treatment to the injured journalists and punish the wrongdoer, “ the FNJ said in a release issued here today.

Journalists Dil Bahadur Air of Dadeldhura, Shiva Patel of Birjung, were arrested yesterday, the release said, adding that policemen attacked Madhav Aryal and Tulsi Ram Pande in Palpa and Ghanashyam Khadka, Pradip Kafle, Rhishiram Pokhrel and Narayan Khadka in Tanahu.

Security forces in Kathmandu manhandled journalists, took them into control, seized communication equipment from them, prohibited their movement and threatened some journalists following the publication and broadcast of news, the release states. Security forces tortured some journalists in the name of conducting raid, checking and security, it said.

The FNJ congratulated the Central Mission for facilitating the release of journalist Khem Bhandari of Mahendranagar, who had been detained illegally. The mission is scheduled to move from Dadeldhura to Bajura, the release said.