FNJ worried about ‘bar’ on coverage of vote counting

Kathmandu, April 11:

The Federation of Nepalese Journalist (FNJ) today condemned the government authorities for preventing journalists from covering vote count in several places.

“This makes the FNJ worried because the EC has prevented journalists from collecting information even after issuing press passes to reach polling centres and counting stations,” a press release issued by the Federation stated.

“The act of preventing journalists from entering the counting stations is a sheer violation of people’s right to information,” the FNJ stated. It called the government, political parties and the security agencies to allow the journalists to easily gather the information.

The FNJ also condemned the YCL cadres for issuing life threat to Ujayalo FM’s reporter Amrit Baskune. The FNJ stated that YCL cadres threatened to kill Baskune while he was collecting information in Janapriya Secondary School polling centre in Myagdi district yesterday.

Meanwhile issuing its perliminary election observation report, the Nepal Bar Association said the election would be a turning point in Nepal’s history by deciding the fate of the monarchy and drafting a new constitution.

“This election has given opportunity to women, Dalit, Janajati, Madheshi and the other marginalised people to ensure their future,” NBA said in a press release.