Foreigner with fake Facebook account swindling Nepalis, say police

KATHMANDU: Police said they have recently noticed that a foreigner has been defrauding many Nepalis by sending friend requests on Facebook with a fake name.

The Metropolitan Police Crime Division said, the person, who would identify himself as Kane Johnson on Facebook, has been sending friend requests to Nepalis, especially women, and develop intimacy, but ultimately leaving them swindled of millions of rupees for false hopes.

The person would tell his Facebook friends that he had sent them various gifts worth as much as Rs 4 million, and demand Rs 300,000-Rs 400,000 for tax clearance at the Airport.

Consequently, the gullible Nepalis would send the money via an account of a Nepali person before they would know that they were deceived.

According to police, the person has already received Rs 3.2 million from various persons from Nepal so far.

The person has also assured many women of marrying them, claimed police.

The MPCD said it is probing the case in coordination with the victims.

Meanwhile, police warned members of the public against accepting friend requests from unknown persons on social networking sites including Facebook.