Forest Act amendment on cards after 24 years

KATHMANDU: Discussions have begun at the Environment Conservation Committee of the Legislature-Parliament to make timely amendments to the Forest Act-1993.

A 20-point amendment proposal was tabled by nine lawmakers including Prem Suwal, Anuradha Thapa Magar and Rajaram Syangtan at the Committee meeting today.

Following the tabling, parliamentarians participated in the clause-wise discussion on the Bill and aired their opinions.

On the occasion, Minister for Forests Soil Conservation Shankar Bhadari shared that the process for amendment was taken ahead to maximise benefits from forest resources for all.

The amendment was required to avert encroachment on forest resources and replace the import of timber from foreign countries and make best use of existing forest resources, he added.

The Committee Chairperson Janak Raj Chaudhary had chaired the meeting.