Forest Ministry’s image sinks: Bohora

KATHMANDU: Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Deepak Bohora today said the past performances of the ministry had tarnished the image of the ministry.

“I am struggling hard to regain the lost image,” he said. He said that the ministry had frequently been dragged into controversies by ‘greedy people’ who he argued were envious of the valuable resources like forest and wildlife. Following a controversy, seven hotels inside the Chitwan National Park remained shutdown.

The minister is reportedly in favour of reopening the Chitwan hotels inside the conservation area, which now remained shutdown.

Meantime, the parliamentary committee on natural resources today

initiated an investigation into the alleged involvement of the minister

in operating hotels within the conservation area declared as no-go-zone for hoteliers.

Minister Bohara has also been widely criticised for the rampant

encroachment of forest land, unprecedented deforestation and wildlife poaching taking place across the country.

Data shows more than 90,000 hectares of forestland has already been encroached by illegal settlers, while rhino population dropped to 408 (2008) from 612 (2000).

“This worries me a lot,” said Bohora, adding, “We have prepared a strategy to control forest encroachment while a special operational plan will take care of the rhino poaching.”

MoFSC has also requested the lawmakers no not endorse any law

that promotes the use of forest land.

“The efforts of the ministry alone will not suffice without a political commitment against these malpractices,” Bohora argued.