'Forged documents for visa easily identifiable'

KATHMANDU: After the diplomatic missions in Nepal were found hassled with flurry of fake documents submitted seeking a visa, the government has come up with the idea to immediately find those applying for visa with forged documents.

The mission staff had been in a quandary whether the documents submitted by people to obtain a visa were fake or real as forged government documents and phony stamps were rampant.

However, diplomatic missions have been provided with the technical facility that they could easily identify fake documents observing the visa note and documents certified by the Department of Consular Service, under the Foreign Ministry, informed Director General Gahendra Rajbhandari  at the Department.

The concerned embassy can browse the Department's website and view the scanned documents of any person applying for the visa.

Information to this was shared during a programme at the Ministry on Thursday.

The programme was attended by 25 representatives from various diplomatic missions in Nepal.

With this facility in place, they can view who is going to which country; the documents provided by the Department, and his/her citizenship certificates, among others.

Director General Rajbhandari said, "The digitalised system has increased the credibility of the documents issued by the government bodies. It will end business related to fake stamps and letter pad in market."

According to him, almost 70 percent activities are conducted in a digitalised way since he assumed the office.