Former secretary's wife pronounced dead by hospital, domestic help found hanging from ceiling

KATHMANDU: Muna Karki, wife of former secretary Arjun Karki, who was found unconscious by her husband upon his return from morning walk, was declared dead by Star Hospital where she was rushed for treatment.

She had severe injuries on her head which ultimately lead to her demise.

The domestic help, Bijay Chaudhary who had been assisting the Karki household for many years, was also found dead- hanging from the ceiling.

According to the police, Muna Karki still had pulse when the police reached the site but she had lost a lot of blood. She was immediately rushed to the nearby hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Chaudhary had no signs of life when police inspected his body.

According to Lalitpur Metropolitan Police Range, preliminary investigation suggests that Chaudhary may have injured Karki with the intent to kill before hanging himself. "The motive is yet to be established."

Only slained Muna Karki and Bijay Chaudhary were present at the house at the time of the incident.

The bodies have been sent for autopsy, police said.