Former speaker Mahara returns vehicle, security personnel

Kathmandu, October 3

Former speaker of the House of Representative Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who had resigned from his post following rape allegation by an employee of the Parliament Secretariat has started returning security personnel and vehicles provided for him by the government.

Mahara, who is currently residing in official residence at Baluwater even two days after resigning from his post, returned this evening, one of the three vehicles provided by the Parliament Secretariat for his service. Kancha Dulal, head of Transport Department, Parliament Secretariat said the flag bearer vehicle provided for Mahara was returned today late evening. “The other two vehicles will be returned tomorrow,” Dulal said.

Mahara has also returned security personnel deployed by the government for his security. As many as 17 Nepali Army personnel headed by a captain and 11 Nepal Police personnel headed by an inspector were returned.  Mahara is likely to leave the official residence within a few days.