Kathmandu, April 21

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration today said it was not the responsibility of the local levels to form school management committees.

At a round table discussion held here today, joint secretary at the ministry Purusottam Nepal said local levels were rather responsible for formulating laws and regulations related to the education sector and implementing them.

“Local Government Operation Act 2017 has authorised the local levels to manage and regulate the education sector, they are not allowed to form and operate school management committees,” he said and added that their responsibility was to monitor schools’ activities, distribution of budget, and management of textbooks.

Joint secretary Nepal said so in reference to Suryabinayak Municipality, Kirtipur Municipality and Godawari Municipality that have formed new school management committees with ward chiefs as their chair. He also requested the municipalities to dissolve such school management committees. Former governor of Nepal Rastra Bank Dipendra Chhetri said although the government was allocating adequate budget for the education sector, the result was not satisfactory.

“Local governments should focus on improving the quality of education in public schools instead of seeking their role in the management of schools,” he said.

Likewise, Phanindra Prasad Poudel, planning officer at National Planning Commission, said the local government should focus on producing skilled human resources. “Although the government has been spending a lot in the education sector, youths are still forced to seek low paying menial jobs abroad,” he said.