Four Maoist cadres held for abduction; looter in police net

Kathmandu, July 16:

A police team from the Metropolitan Police Sector, Janasewa, today arrested four cadres of the CPN (Maoist) for kidnapping street vendors Arjun Pandey and Ramaiya Khatri.

According to the police, the two street vendors hail from Sindhuli district.

Police identified the arrested Maoists as Dikshit, Madhu, Pawan and Amar.

The police team, with support from the the people of the Janasewa area, arrested the four Maoist cadres, who were taking the two abductees in a vehicle (Ba 4 Cha 1163), police said.

A police official at the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, said the Maoist cadres kidnapped Pandey and Khatri from Sundhara, took them to Balaju and then to the Janasewa area.

Meanwhile, police arrested 24-year-old Grihasmi Chanda while he was robbing a staffer of the Kundan International Readymade Shop in Mahabouddha, Kathmandu.

Chanda was caught with a khukuri, according to police.

However, Chandra’s accomplice managed to escape from the scene, police said.