Free skills training to be provided to aspiring Nepali migrant workers

Kathmandu, December 1

The Safer Migration Project/HELVETAS and Foreign Employment Promotion Board are preparing to provide free vocational skill development training to 10,000 potential migrant workers within the current fiscal.

A Memorandum of Understanding to this effect was signed between the organisations last week. Based on learning and experiences of previous years, both parties have agreed to continue this initiative in the coming years.

The initiative will be funded jointly by FEPB and Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation as part of the Safer Migration Project.

Considering the increasing demand for skilled workers in destination countries and the need for enhancing the competencies of Nepali migrant workers for dignified employment opportunities, the FEPB and SDC had decided to upscale the skill component.

According to SaMi, vocational skills such as building electrician, shuttering, carpentry, scaffolding, masonry, plumbing, garment tailoring, cleaning/housekeeping services and waitress will be provided to men and women migrant workers.

Similarly, the free skill training will take place in a residential set-up for 30 days, which also includes free food and accommodation facilities.

SaMi further said the skill training is expected to capacitate potential migrant workers to negotiate for higher remuneration and ensure safety and security at the workplace along with career prospects.

The training coupled with experience from destination countries is expected to translate into better human resources development opportunities upon their return to Nepal.

Foreign employment is one of the main livelihood approaches of a large section of population in Nepal, where remittances flowing in are equivalent to almost 30 per cent of the country’s GDP. Every day, around 1,500 documented migrants leave Nepal for destination countries, mainly in the the Middle East and Malaysia.