fsu polls : What students want from leaders

Kathmandu, March 18:

With the Free Students’ Union (FSU) polls scheduled for tomorrow, there has been a lot of unnecessary speculation about the outcome of the polls. Not only that, the methods used for the campaigning by the student unions are haphazard. We at The Himalayan Times collected opinions from the voter students on how the candidates can make an impact on the students.

This is what a few of the students had

to say:

• The contenders should build a more personal relationship with the voters. Instead of making empty promises, they should genuinely try to do the best.

• They should work towards safeguarding the rights of the students.

• Make a definite change instead of just looking to be a leader or taking the polls as a measurement of the national political base.

• They should work towards getting respect from the students, rather then creating havoc and fear in the colleges.

• E-mails and SMSs could have helped but only as a strategy. At the end of the day, only the votes speak.

• Working towards reducing transport fares and providing subsidy on daily essentials for students would have been effective.

• Instead of issuing threats, promises to create a sense of security would have made an impact.

• National politics need to be kept away from Free Students’ Union polls. The student leaders only create scandals and mistrust.

• Doing something good before the polls could have been beneficial to boost the popularity.

• Students will vote for the best and the most deserving candidates, irrespective of anything else.