KATHMANDU: The collection of garbage that was halted by protesting local body employees' unions has resumed today.
The unions had obstructed the collection of trash since December 20, presenting a charter of demands. An agreement hammered out between the unions and the government on December 28, however, paved the way for the collection of trash but the dumping was again disrupted by the locals of Sisdole area.
The dumping, however, resumed after the residents of Okharpauwa received an assurance from the government for the construction of a 3-km road and a bridge over the Kolpukhola in Dhading.
Since the very inception of the Sisdole Landfill Site in 2005, garbage disposal has been interrupted for 58 times.
Different groups with an array of demands have been obstructing the disposal.
The latest disruption came from the local body employees' unions and residents of Sisdole, followed by the general strike of the indigenous groups yesterday.
During the last 13 days, the garbage was dumped only once on December 30.
"We dumped 25 trucks of garbage at Aletar Landfill Site today," said Rabin Man Shrestha, chief of the Environment Management Department at the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.
KMC alone produces at least 350 metric tonnes of waste each day while Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City over 100 metric tonnes.
About 450 metric tonnes of garbage is dumped daily at Aletar Landfill Site, according to the Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre under the Ministry of Local Development.
"We could send only about 250 metric tonnes of garbage for dumping at the landfill site today owing to public holiday and spread of chill in the city," said Shrestha, adding that they transferred the trash to Teku Transfer Station as well.
Despite the strike being lifted and the resumption of garbage collection, residents in and around New Road, Lazimpat and Dilli Bazaar are yet to be liberated from the stench that emanates out of the heaps of trash.
However, Shrestha assured that all of the garbage heaps would be cleared from the streets by Monday.