Garbage dumping at Sisdole resumes

Kathmandu, January 29:

Following a two-day meeting between representatives of all the bodies concerned that ended late last night, locals of Sisdole agreed to allow garbage dumping at the landfill site from today.

The locals had been barring garbage-laden vehicles from entering the dumping site since last Friday.

“The locals and not the Maoists had stopped the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) vehicles from entering the site,” said Raman, in-charge of the area committee of the CPN-Maoist.

He said his party wanted an all-party committee to be formed in place of the ad-hoc committee of the locals.

He said an all-party meeting would be held on February 6, which would solve all the problems.

He also said the locals wanted the authorities to inspect the place and assure them of fulfilling all promises the government had made.

Chief of the Environment Department at the KMC, Rabin Man Shrestha, said the problem would be addressed by the eight parties. He said the locals tried to stop the garbage-laden vehicles this morning also as they were unaware of the agreement reached here yesterday night.

Raman said cadres of the NC (D) were trying to stop the vehicles once again. He also said the ad hoc committee has been dissolved.

Assistant executive officer of the KMC Ganesh Bhattarai said the eight-party representatives would come up with a new permanent committee of the Okharpauwa Sanitary Landfill site Main Coordination Committee within the next 15 days.

“The representatives of the eight parties will see to it that garbage is dumped at the landfill site without interruption,” he said.