Kathmandu, February 14:

Today’s unexpected wet spell has aggravated the already dire situation of the capital city that is filled with garbage, increasing the fear of an outbreak of diseases.

The garbage has been accumulating in the city areas for almost a week now after locals at the landfill site at Sisdole barred Kathmandu Metropolitan City trucks from dumping waste.

Dr Sitaram Chaudhari, gastro-enterologist at Bir Hospital, said the rain has posed a serious threat to the public health. “We are apprehensive about the outbreak of communicable diseases,” he said.

According to him, the moisture-laden environment is very conducive for bacteria, virus and fungi to spread.

If you think germs will be less due to the cold wave, you are wrong. “This is just a misconception among people,” he said. He said water contamination results in diarrhoea, typhoid, jaundice and a number of other intestinal disorders.

However, Dr Manas Benerjee, director of the epidemiological department of the Department of Health Services said there would be less proliferation of germs given the temperature, which is as high as 18 degrees Celsius currently. “However, the garbage that is strewn all over will undoubtedly contaminate water and food,” he said.

With no solution to the waste problem is currently in sight, Dr Chaudhari recommended drinking boiled water. “Boiling is not enough, cool it before you drink it,” he said.