Gautam seeks youths’ help in crime control

Kathmandu, September 5:

Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam today asked the UML-affiliated Youth Force (YF) to help maintain law and order in the country.

“Youth organisations have begun taking the law in their own hands,” Gautam said while addressing the inaugural session of the sixth district conference of the Democratic National Youth Federation. “Youth organisations should help nab criminals and restore law and order,” he said.

Gautam reiterated that the present government is entrusted with the responsibilities to maintain peace, bring an end to anarchy and wipe out corruption. “The youths should help the government in this mission.”

Youth forces must help the Home Ministry bring the criminals to book, he said. The Home Minister asked the Youth Force to get in touch with him to contribute to the mission.

He asked UML cadres to contact him as a Home Minister and fellow citizen. He pledged to take action against government employees involved in corruption and activities that are detrimental to the public.

Addressing the same programme Raghuji Pant, CPN-UML leader, justified the Youth Force’s

activities as a force set up by UML to retaliate rising injustice, terror of the Young Communist League and maintain rule of law and good governance in the country.

“Being part of the Maoist- led government does not mean that we would support all their activities,” said Pant, adding that his party’s involvement in the government will help to meet the deadline of drafting a new constitution. “Unlike the YCL, YF activities are within the legal

parameters and would be a supportive mechanism to the government, as well as make sure that they won’t rig and win the next election,” he added.

The federation organised the conference, under the leadership of Ram Singh Maharjan, will set up new committee for a two-year period.