German experts to help KMC draft Valley development plan

Kathmandu, March 30:

Two experts working at the Town Planning Agency of the Stuttgart Municipality of Germany have agreed to help Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) design a development plan for the valley, Devendra Dongol, chief of the Urban Planning Department at the KMC said.

The Stuttgart municipality has agreed to send the experts to Kathmandu once the KMC completes the land-use map, Dongol said.

“The experts, who have planned several towns in developing and developed countries, will help plan our city,” Dongol said, adding that the highly-professional experts will help in running housing projects on the basis of the land-use map.

Officials of the Stuttgart municipality, in a meeting with Dongol on March 13 and 14, had agreed to send the experts. “The municipality will bear the expenses of the experts,” he said.

Dongol said the municipality was holding talks with many of its sister cities in different parts of the world to invite them to help develop the Kathmandu valley.

Once the final draft of the project is prepared, the KMC, with the aim of making it easier to implement the plan, will take it to the public for discussion. The Stuttgart municipality has also agreed to hold a two-week training for architecture engineers of the KMC in Germany.