German mission marks 60 years of Basic Law

KATHMANDU: The Embassy of Germany in Nepal organised an interaction programme to mark the 60th anniversary of promulgation of Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany at Goethe Zentrum yesterday. The Basic Law was promulgated by the Parliamentary Council on May 23, 1949.

The German ambassador, Verena Grafin Von Roedern, talked about the history of promulgating the Basic Law and its major features, answering questions put forth by Andrea Arslan, Consul of the Embassy. The ambassador briefly answered all the questions. Roedern stressed that the spirit of consensus among political parties was the need of the hour in Nepal to take the peace process to the logical end and to write a good constitution on time.

"The constitution of Nepal should be as desired by the Nepalis," opined Roedern, adding, the constitution should not be guided by the spirit of some other constitution as it varies on the basis of geographic, ethnic and cultural aspect of the countries. Various queries regarding Basic Law were put forward by the participants and were answered by the ambassador, later during the interaction.