Government docs to get scholarship

Kathmandu, April 30

Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine has decided to provide scholarship to all government doctors for Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

IoM took a decision to this effect after two-day-long talks with the Ministry of Health and medical doctors.

Earlier, IoM had provided the scholarship to doctors of Army and Police hospitals.

According to ‘Free Post Graduate Action Plan’ 2015, staffers of the Ministry of Health, who worked for two years in rural area of the country get the first priority for scholarship for MDMS.

Saying that IoM provided scholarship to other categorised doctors although there were 150 government medical doctors in the competition, doctors had staged protested in front of the Ministry of Health and they had warned they would halt medical services in rural areas.

Dr Nabin Kumar Sinjali, working at Primary Health Centre, Gimdi of Ramechhap for the last two years said they went to rural areas and worked as the health ministry had promised to provide scholarship for post-graduate studies. “If we are not provided the first priority for scholarship, we are not going to work in rural areas,” he added.