Govt to expand cloud computing system

Kathmandu, November 6

The Ministry of Science and Technology has concluded a performance contract with the Department of Information Technology to make the latter’s activities more effective, systematic and transparent.

As per the eight-point performance contract, the DoIT will expand the government cloud service by the end of mid-July, 2018. Under this activity, the service of 10 information technology systems of the Government of Nepal will be provided through the government cloud. Also called G-cloud or government cloud computing, it is an IT programme adopted to create a more efficient and accessible means of delivering public services.

In G-cloud, the term cloud stands for the Internet from where servers, storage and applications are provided to the computer system of a government body through the Internet. It applies high-performance computing power to perform hundreds of computations per second, said the ministry.

The DoI will enter into agreement with the concerned agencies for the expansion and use of the cloud computing system, while bearing all expenses for G-cloud expansion. Secretary at the MoST have been designated as the authority to lead monitoring activities of the DoIT’s performance.

Similarly, the DoIT will draft and submit to the MoST an Information Technology Umbrella Act by the end of mid-February 2017 and prepare a draft of technical standard of the government enterprise architecture.

At the same time, the DoIT is required to establish and operate e-Village in local levels of 15 districts by mid-July 2018 as per the performance contract. DoIT has also been entrusted with developing digital content, conducting IT System Security Audit of information technology systems of the government, enhancing the capacity of civil servants in the field of information technology and conducting awareness-raising programmes on IT security in various government offices and educational institutions.