Govt to launch crackdown on gangsters

Kathmandu, June 13

Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa today said that the government would initiate a massive crackdown on criminal gangs thriving on extortion.

Speaking at a programme organised by party palace and catering entrepreneurs in Kathmandu, he urged the business community to provide police with information about hooligans and so-called gangsters extorting them on a weekly or monthly basis.

“The government wants to put an end to hooliganism and extortionism, which have spread in all sectors,” he said. Minister Thapa said the government would make robust security arrangements for industrial enterprises and businesses.

“In some cases, police personnel have been found involved in extorting money from businesspersons. The government will not even spare them. We maintain zero-tolerance towards criminal activities in any form,” he said, adding that the government would gradually amend the existing laws to make them tougher.

According to police officials, the extortion racket operated by gangsters have instilled a sense of insecurity among businesspersons and the public in general. Therefore, police are making necessary preparations to act ruthlessly against the gangsters whoever and wherever they are.

Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, has created a list of 161 hooligans and gangsters with a substantial criminal record. Those listed gangsters are under round-the-clock surveillance as they are likely to perpetrate crimes in Kathmandu valley.

Earlier, they had faced legal action for unleashing terror through their direct and indirect involvement in gang fights and extortion.

Officials said security personnel had intensified vigilance against hooligans, both old and emerging ones, to maintain law and order. Earlier, two notorious gangsters — Dinesh Adhikari alias Chari, Kumar Ghainte and Manoj Pun— were killed in encounters with police. Despite the death of two gangsters, police have come to the conclusion that many others are emerging to take their place and expanding their stronghold across the country.

On Monday, police had shot at and arrested gangster Ashok Lama, who was allegedly involved in extorting businesspersons in Kathmandu. Lama was shot in his right leg and is undergoing treatment at Bir Hospital following his arrest.