Govt bid to preserve endangered plant species

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 25:

The Department of Plant Resources (DPR) under the Ministry of Forest and Soil Conversation is making preparations to launch a campaign to preserve 26 endangered plant species that are found in Nepal. Pointing at rampant uprooting of the endangered species, Dr Lokendra Raj Sharma, a scientist at the biodiversity section of the Department of Plant Resources , said the department would generate awareness among the people on the need to preserve the endangered species at the grassroots level. Since people don’t know which of the plant species are endangered, the department will begin its drive with the distribution of pamphlets containing the local names of those species, the department stated. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Fauna and Flora (CITES) had prepared a list of plant species that were facing extinction the world over.

Talisaptra, Khayar, Simal, Mirke Lahara, Sugandhakokila, Yarshagumba, Unyu, Thakal, Panch Aunle, Satisal, Bhyakur, Okhar, Jhyau, Banyasar, Chanp, Banchanp, Jatamsai, Kutti, Sungabha,

Gunsi, Laghupatra, Bijayagantha, Sarpagandha, Sal, and Bhotechanp are among the endangered plant species found in Nepal. Nepal became a member of the CITES in 1975.

The Forest Act 1991 states that legal action can be taken against anyone involved in the trade of endangered plant species. However, officials at the department said they had no knowledge

of action taken against anyone involved in the trade of endangered plant species. Sharma said that people are unknowingly involved in the trade of orchids and some are making money by collecting and selling Yarshagumba.